3-Part Video Series shows how Causation is Rooted in Remembered Thinking

This video series mixes footage from a presentation given to Ajeenkya D Y Patil University and my video-essay, and ultimately leads to the concluding statement, "Perfectly repeatable and connectable remembered-thoughts establish the means for perceiving causal relationships, more so than any remembered-external-event, and therefore causation most likely roots in remembered-thinking."

The Permanence Review, Issue #10: Einstein and Hume Quotes, and Live Event Announcement

The first quote from Hume, and second from Einstein, strengthen my perspective of the nature of remembered-thinking. The quotes focus on the subjective experience of time when thinking about external events. My essay focuses on the subjective experience of time when thinking about internal-events. Crucial to my ideas is the fact of unitization of remembered-thoughts, of separation, and perceived ordering. As long as perception conceives of remembered-thoughts in the same way as perception conceives of remembered-external-events, Hume and Einstein's assertions about the ordering-principle behind subjective-time-perception holds true for my own ideas.

Building knowledge about the mind using a power even Jedi don’t posses

If Rey and Kylo Ren were to do an experiment, where Rey said, "I remember imagining Jakku just a couple seconds ago, the market to be specific, and I remember the image I imagined quite clearly. Can you confirm for me that I really did imagine the market at Jakku, exactly as I remember imaginging it?" I believe in this case Kylo Ren could say, "Well, I can see your memory of Jakku, and I can see the market, and I can see the feelings you have when you imagine it, and I can also see the memory you have of remembering imaginging the market. But I don't know for sure that your memory of imagining the market matches up exactly with the actual imagining experience you had two seconds ago." The only way Kylo Ren could accomplish this task is by first viewing the imagining in action, watching it play out exactly as Rey saw it play out, then read her memory of imagining the market, and confirm for her that the in-action scene matches with what's in her thinking-memory.

How To See Webb’s First Images!

The public release of Webb’s first images and spectra is July 12 – now less than two weeks away! The Webb team has confirmed that that 15 out of 17 instrument modes are ready for science, with just two more still to go. As we near the end of commissioning, we wanted to let you know where you can see the first Webb science data and how to participate in the celebration of Webb science! Here are all the ways you can #UnfoldTheUniverse with Webb: