Die Coast Bye Cecilia

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  • Cecilia is the force behind all change in Die Coast Bye Cecilia. Her most stubborn subject is her brother, Alex (Coast).
  • In as much as Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises is about a train-trip to see bullfights in Pamplona, Die Coast Bye Cecilia is about a canoe-trip to see dragonboat races in Toronto.
  • The novel was developed entirely through the act of free-writing in notebooks, and evolving stories from what quality passages emerged over ten years and thousands of pages.
  • While the characters and their stories are fictional, the scenes and details are pulled from the life of the author, who has worked and lived many lives between Southern Ontario and Vancouver Island.

Thinking, Remembering Thinking, Thinking about a Memory of Thinking, and how that Messes with Time is also featured in this book. This essay presents the author’s epistemological ideas about the nature of thought and time.

Die Coast Bye Cecilia is the result of 15 years of writing, editing, and connected research and creative work. Some of the material was published previously, and promoted through a variety of videos. You can watch the playlist of videos on YouTube or Vimeo:

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