Building knowledge about the mind using a power even Jedi don’t posses

If Rey and Kylo Ren were to do an experiment, where Rey said, "I remember imagining Jakku just a couple seconds ago, the market to be specific, and I remember the image I imagined quite clearly. Can you confirm for me that I really did imagine the market at Jakku, exactly as I remember imaginging it?" I believe in this case Kylo Ren could say, "Well, I can see your memory of Jakku, and I can see the market, and I can see the feelings you have when you imagine it, and I can also see the memory you have of remembering imaginging the market. But I don't know for sure that your memory of imagining the market matches up exactly with the actual imagining experience you had two seconds ago." The only way Kylo Ren could accomplish this task is by first viewing the imagining in action, watching it play out exactly as Rey saw it play out, then read her memory of imagining the market, and confirm for her that the in-action scene matches with what's in her thinking-memory.

Thinking, Remembering Thinking, Thinking about a Memory of Thinking, and how that Messes with Time: Part 2 (The Permanence Review #8)

In the second sentence, Einstein reports on an experience that must be described as remembering-thoughts-remembered-about-remembering-remembering, or some immense layering of complexity in remembered-thinking. There are reports of the memories, which he remembers-remembering, and reports of feelings, that he remembers feeling in association with the remembered-remembering. But most importantly, there is in the sentence an explicit analysis about the connection between different units of remembered-remembering, guided by remembered-feeling.

The Permanence Review Newsletter, Issue #6

It might seem strange to suggest Einstein would love a punk rock song from probably the most grating protest bands of the 90s, but there was much about science in the early 1900s that was punk rock. Ernst Mach was the Sex Pistols of the day, his "Science of Mechanics" providing the must read for every young scientist who wanted to shatter the structures of philosophy with a way of understanding knowledge and life that had nothing to do with philosophy's history, and everything to do with a collection of weird lab-rats that scarred the bajeezes out of the church.

The Permanence Review Newsletter, Issue #5

Updates I recently applied the theories of consciousness from The Pressure of Light to this article: Why teaching a computer to remember computing is the first step to constructing consciousness inĀ AI ...which is also a GitHub project: There are so far 137 downloads of the Free PDF for The Pressure of Light, consider supporting … Continue reading The Permanence Review Newsletter, Issue #5

Why teaching a computer to remember computing is the first step to constructing consciousness in AI

This article is also a GitHub page and Python project: Because The Pressure of Light: how consciousness creates permanence in a universe of infinite-heterogeneity contributes to an understanding of consciousness, and because it's both helpful and fashionable to consider all meaningful theories regarding consciousness in the light of artificial intelligence, I'm writing this exposition … Continue reading Why teaching a computer to remember computing is the first step to constructing consciousness in AI