How Woke Ideology Amputates the Power of the Conscious Mind in Youth

This post explores some topic possibilities for The Permanence Review, an epistemological, non-academic journal proposed as part of the initial release for Pressure of Light Publishing. Read more about the proposed project.

The Permanence Review builds on a powerful outcome from The Pressure of Light and its Principle of Infinite-Heterogeneity-in-Time: the fact that permanence does not exist in the universe-external, but does in the universe-internal (in conscious minds). Einstein showed that we each travel our own worldline — a path that occupies the four space and time dimensions of the universe. You can walk the same path as I have, and you can live at the same time I do, but we cannot walk the same path at the exact same time, nor can anything in this universe, ever. Both Einstein and my essay shows how important it is to see ourselves as traveling both space and time, to see the individuality of our pathways through life. It’s like we are all walking pathways deep in parallel valley’s, with an ability to see ahead and behind, but without an ability to see over the walls to each other’s valleys. I can communicate to you all about the trees I see in my valley, but you may very well interpret “trees” to mean the boulders that you see all along your pathway. Unless some information is communicated that shows an incongruity between the trees and boulders, we will continue walking our paths believing we are seeing the same thing. This illustrates a fundamental truth about permanence as I’ve properly defined the concept, the height of truth exists in individual’s frameworks for understanding the universe, but that truth immediately erodes once the truth is shared among more than one conscious mind.

Gender and race are concepts that exist in the universe-internal alone, not in the universe external. In the universe-external only sex and a single human species exists, and even these don’t qualify when the concepts are seen as permanent, rather than evolving. This point does not take away the importance of the concepts; the same is also true for love, honor, rationality, and any abstract concept at all. But it does take away the truth of any particular description of these concepts, or framework a conscious mind might employ to apply these concepts to decisions or understandings in the universe-external, once their truth becomes shared among more than one conscious mind.

The aggressive ideological pressure postmodernist academics have forced onto every once-democratic institution in Canada insists on a strictly agreed upon definition of race and gender, and now makes the same insistence through the indoctrination of youth into the ideology as well. The societal response to Omicron and subsequent phases of the pandemic, the response to the peaceful trucker protests and unlawful arrests of protest leaders in Ottawa, the legally condoned sadists-practices toward low-income white children, and now the authoritarian control over journalism, all show what destruction and loss has incurred in Canadian society as a result of postmodernist ideology, but the destruction to the minds of all youth will take some time to surface. The Pressure of Light, which has uncovered the most important information about the nature of thought in 100 years, can help predict the degradation-in-mind modern-day youth will incur in the future.

Youth today walk their worldline, their space-time valley, alone, as we all do. Each valley contains the same challenges and dangers as any other that has ever existed — loneliness the greatest challenge, and a loss of faith in the powers of one’s own conscious mind the greatest danger. Defeating loneliness means a youthful mind must learn to find companionship in their ideas, in their interpretations of the universe, those that exist outside the far less dependable companionship of their own species; and avoiding the greatest danger means demonstrating, over and over, the power of the conscious mind to achieve, for the individual, and the individual alone, the most pristine truths possible. Today, across our specie’s landscape of valleys, a deafening sound of gender theory and Critical Race Theory suffocates the powers of individual conscious minds, and undermines any faith an individual may have in the capacity of their interpretation of the universe to provide the companionship they’ll need to survive an increasingly dark future.

As the young generation grows older, they will suffer more and more the globally-coordinated and technology-enabled amputation of the most fundamental tools individual conscious minds have for navigating their own worldline. They will experience an isolation greater than any human in history has ever conceived, one fueled by truths deformed to a degree only achievable by forced agreement among billions. Perhaps most terrifying, they will see anyone who has retained individuality in their conscious powers as unfathomable aliens, only recognizable as human in death.

The Pressure of Light has the capacity to overturn the ideology that drives this dark cloud over humanity. It has isolated David Hume, James Clark Maxwell, Young Einstein, and myself as the most significant voices for guiding individual conscious minds into developing their own frameworks for understanding the universe. I hope you’ll take the time to read or watch the essay:

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