Work Plan for “The Pressure of Light: shedding new light on the history and philosophy of science between 1739 and 1921”

The inception of The Pressure of Light happened during a time when I was reading extensively about philosophies of science and the scientific method, from articles published by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, from famous research papers like Claude Shannon’s a mathematical theory of communication, and from science-history books like Gilder’s The Age of Entanglement. Ultimately, my reading and writing led me to believe that the development of science, in terms of its philosophical foundations, had faltered around the time that quantum mechanics adopted a forever unsatisfying, non-deterministic philosophical underpinning, and that this weakening of epistemological foundations subsequently allowed the academic world to descend into nonsense, and later become shrouded in the dark cloud of postmodernism and all descended knowledge-corrupt-theories. 

To develop my ideas and essay, I dove into reading all available material from Einstein’s early life, and all works associated with his epistemological philosophies, eventually coming to see that the Kantian revival that Einstein strategically navigated for the sake of befriending relativity supporters like Schlick, despite his distaste for Kant and preference for Hume, was the fracture in the pursuit for a proper philosophy of science that led to the blind-acceptance of the Copenhagen Interpretation, and later postmodernism. I’m still convinced that his lecture Geometry and Experience (presented in January, 1922) marks the end of a responsible and uncorrupted development of scientific philosophy, and therefore a revival of academia is dependent on present day learners’ familiarity with scientific philosophy up to this point. Through my work on The Pressure of Light I developed a deeper perspective on this period and a plan for continuing my own familiarization with a proper scientific philosophy. I believe that the nature of electro-magnetic fields is the best available subject for contemplating, not only the nature of the universe as a whole, as Einstein did with his still undefeated understanding of fields, but humanity’s capacity to actually know the universe. As it happens, the best scientist and philosophers of science from the pre-1922 era, Einstein, Mach, Maxwell, and many others, were most engaged with exactly this subject. 

Pressure of Light’s first release of books will include a collection of reprinted work from this era alongside my essay, and writing and footnotes that will present a redefined history of science and philosophy between the years of 1739 (the year Hume’s A Treatise of Human Nature was released) and 1921 (the year Einstein completed his development of the ideas for Geometry and Experience). In this way, it will not only exhibit my own work, which I ultimately developed off the scientific and philosophical platform built through these years, but show how others can similarly develop ideas and perspectives from this era.


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