For Myself and Others

Well that was a long while since I last published an exercise! Let’s jump back in with the base exercise. Ultimately the type and subject of the exercise are not as important as the key words in each line: compassion, contentment, peace, safety, flourish, suffering, empathy, wisdom. This let’s let these words jump out of each line and resonate through our internal experience:

I practice compassion

With compassion, I free myself and others from suffering
With compassion, I help myself and others find peace and feel safe in this world
With compassion, I create contentment in this life
With compassion, I inspire myself and others to flourish

With patience and good humour, I welcome people’s imperfections, and with patience and good humour, I welcome my own imperfections
With sympathy, I feel for those who suffer, myself included
With empathy, I mind what others are feeling and try to understand why, and I mind what I’m feeling and try to understand why

I seek wisdom
I nurture a broad perspective
I foster gratefulness
And I acknowledge that suffering and difficulties are part of life

Life has certainly changed and evolved for everybody since the last exercise was published, but the mission of compassion hasn’t. Thanks for practicing with me again😄