From Compassion Animals to Us

Yesterday we decided on a compassion animal (mine, a wolf), and then used the practices to build a visualization which represents compassion. Today, we’ll use the pronoun ‘you’ in order to receive compassion from our animals:

I practice compassion for you

With compassion, I free you from suffering
With compassion, I help you find peace and feel safe in this world
With compassion, I create contentment in your life
With compassion, I inspire you to flourish

With patience and good humour, I welcome your imperfections
With sympathy, I feel for your suffering
With empathy, I mind what you’re feeling and try to understand why

For you I seek wisdom,
I nurture a broad perspective of you
I foster gratefulness for you
And I acknowledge suffering and difficulties are part of your life

Thank you compassion wolf (be grateful to your visualized animal haha😆)

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