For Trees

Yesterday I practiced compassion that was specifically for the self, which sounds selfish, but is quite difficult. Today’s compassion is truly indulgent, compassion for a subject that’s just so easy to feel warmth for:

I practice compassion for trees

With compassion, I free trees from suffering
With compassion, I help trees find peace and feel safe in this world
With compassion, I create contentment in the lives of trees
With compassion, I inspire trees to flourish

With patience and good humour, I welcome the imperfections of trees
With sympathy, I feel for their suffering
With empathy, I mind what they’re feeling and try to understand why

For trees I seek wisdom,
I nurture a broad perspective of them
I foster gratefulness for them
and I acknowledge that suffering and difficulties are part of their lives

Thanks for practicing this particularly easy and warm rendition with me.