For Myself and Others

Good morning,
Yesterday I practiced compassion for “you”. today I will demo the base practice, for “myself and others”, the first one I would suggest a thinker should memorize and have at their side:

I practice compassion for myself and others

With compassion, I free myself and others from suffering
With compassion, I help myself and others find peace and feel safe in this world
With compassion, I create contentment in this life
With compassion, I inspire myself and others to flourish

With patience and good humour, I welcome people’s imperfections, and with patience and good humour, I welcome my own imperfections
With sympathy, I feel for those who suffer, myself included
With empathy, I mind what others are feeling and try to understand why, and I mind what I’m feeling and try to understand why

For myself and others I seek wisdom,
I nurture a broad perspective
I foster gratefulness
And I acknowledge that suffering and difficulties are part of life

Thank you for practicing with me.